Previous Projects 







2017: Co-signing a letter that refutes statements made by PhD student David Shiffman, claiming that a US shark fin ban would undermine sustainable shark fisheries

Letter online

Letter in .pdf

2017: Participating in the Project Aware "Divers for Mako" campaign by contributing to a "Shark advocates speak up" series of short clips and by donating pictures. The campaign aimed to convince ICCAT to set limiting fish quota's for Mako sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.


2017: Publication of the BlueShark article "The shark whisperers of Beqa lagoon" in Scubaverse online magazine. 

Article online 

Article in .pdf

2017: Advising the producers of "Second Nature", a Dutch documentary TV show for the production of the series "Save the Sharks" with biologist Freek Vonk. 

Draft Announcement

2016Hosting 80 minute shark conservation presentation in the Maastricht (Netherlands) Museum of Natural Sciences (December 11).

2016: Hosting 80 minute shark conservation presentation for the volunteers and supporters of Sea Shepherd Belgium in Louvain. (December 1). 

2016: Donating marine pictures for Project Aware's campaign for shark protection at ICCAT.


2016Hosting 80 minute shark conservation presentation in the Maastricht (Netherlands) Museum of Natural Sciences. Local newspaper article announcing the presentation (September 11). 

2016: Giving interview on diving with sharks and shark conservation during the opening celebration of "SHARK", a six months ongoing exposition on sharks at the Maastricht, Netherlands Museum of Natural Sciences. 

Invitation card

2016: Donating multiple BlueShark pictures to the Maastricht (Netherlands) Museum of Natural Sciences for their "SHARK" exposition, a six months ongoing exposition on the biology and plight of sharks. 

Pictures of exposition and official opening

2016: Writing 7-page article on the bull shark feeding dives of Fiji Beqa Lagoon and the conservation benefits of this activity titled "De haaienfluisteraars van Beqa Lagoon".

Published in the Belgian "Hippocampus" dive magazine.

2016: Donating marine pictures for Project Aware and Shark Defenders (PEW) coverage of the 2016 CITES shark proposals and COP.




2016: Writing article on Sea World's decision to stop the orca breeding program and on the possibilities to retire the orca's to ocean sanctuaries.

Published in the newsletter of "Duiken" diving magazine

Published in the online magazine PiepVandaag

French translation

English translation

 2016: Writing 9-page article on the biodiversity in Fiji waters and reefs. 

Published in the Dutch "Duiken" magazine

 2015: Supporting campaigns of likeminded organisations. Examples:

* Atiracan Asociación Amigos de los Tiburones y Rayas: For the establishment of a shark and ray sanctuary in the Canary Islands.

* The Global Shark Conservation Initiative: To put an end to the Australian shark cull policy.

* Singapore without fins: For a ban on the consumption and trade of shark fins in Singapore.

* Great British Oceans: For the establishment of fully protected marine reserves at British overseas territories.

* Alex Hofford campaign: To ban shark fin transports by UPS

2015: Advizing producers of the "Het lichaam van Coppens" TV-show on Belgian VTM TV-channel on the plight of sharks, shark behaviour and referring them to contacts for extra information and filming opportunities. 

Excerp of the tv show (test if sharks are attrackted by human blood)

2015: BlueShark Conservation participated in the Climate March in Ostend with ocean related climate change information. 

Video impression of the Belgian Climate March 

2015: Co-writing article on request of diving magazine "Duiken", on the stigmatization of white sharks in Australia.


2015: Donating marine pictures for the Shark Advocates International / Shark Trust / Project Aware campaign to ban finning and establish fish quota's for endangered shark species in international waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the ICCAT conference 10-17 November 2015.



2015: Hosting 90 minute shark conservation talk for the Belgian Marine Ecological Centre in Ostend.


2015: Drafting and sending letters on behalf of 6 different Belgian NGO's and 5 Belgian VIP's to the Flemish minister of animal welfare Ben Weyts, asking the closure of the Belgian Boudewijn Seapark dolphinarium. 

Second letter to Flemish minister of animal welfare Ben Weyts

2015: Drafting press release on behalf of jurat Herent municipality and a coalition six Belgian NGO's, replying to the lies in an open letter published by Boudewijn Seapark and asking the Flemish minister of welfare to investigate the dolphinarium.

Press Release

Published in

2015: Drafting letter for a coalition of six Belgian NGO's, informing the Flemish Governments Social Service of grave irregularities at the Belgian Boudewijnpark dolphinarium. Due to our letter, the Flemish Governement Social Service ceased selling discounted entry tickets for the dolphinarium to their employees.  
The open letter was also published, in online magazine PiepVandaag. Reading this published letter prompted the jurat of Flemish municipaly Herent to ban their local summer school from visiting the dolphinarium.

Open Letter published in the Dutch online magazine PiepVandaag

2015: Co-organising a European demo in Brussels along with other national and international NGO's for the closure of all EU dolphinariums.

Clip European demo Brussels

2015: Drafting article announcing the European demo in Brussels for the closure of all EU-dolphinaria.

Article published in the online magazine PiepVandaag

2015: Designing and producing self-explanatory loop presentation + poster on the plight of sharks and the lack of fishing quota's for sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, for Belgian aquarium Aquatopia. In coöperation with the British Shark Trust, the presentation was accompanied by the No Limits - No Future .pdf petition and documentation.


Poster Aquatopia

Shark Trust No Limits petition

 2015: Drafting and submitting open letter to oppose the possible MSC certification of the Spanish Atlantic longline fleets.

Open letter

 2015: Donating marine pictures to SharkSchool EU.

Pics on SharkSchool EU website

 2015: Donating marine pictures to Project Aware, for use during their ocean and shark conservation campaigns.



2014: Writing Conservation foreword for the "Little Book of Scuba Diving" by Kelvin J. Knight titled "Giving back to the Ocean". 

Foreword (in English) in the link, click on the book and read at page 3

2014: Sending opinion to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) commenting on the proposed rule to ban the at-sea removal of smooth dogfish fins and the implementation of science based dogfish catch limits.


2014: Lobby for a ban on the recreational use of gill nets in Belgium at the Flemish minister of Nature Joke Schauvliege's office for the "Warrelniet" campaign: a Belgian national campaign BlueShark Conservation lead in a coalition with Sea Shepherd Belgium, Natuurpunt and Sea First Belgium.
Within three weeks after handing over the petition with +22.600 signatures, the Flemish government issued a general prohibition and a ban on the recreational use of gill nets in Belgium will take effect in January 2015!

Prime time Belgian TV-news covering the meeting and hand-over of the petition signatures

 2014: Drafting an article on the possibly illegal import and sale of three individual porbeagle sharks in Belgium.

Article published in "Duiken" dive magazine newsletter

2014: Drafting and distributing a plea letter to Belgian and Dutch dive centers, urging them to support the campaign and sign the petition against the dumping of steel slag in the Dutch Oosterschelde to reïnforce the shores.


More info and online petition

2014: Drafting an article on the recent blue shark sightings near French and Spanish beaches, on request of "Duiken" dive magazine.

Article published in the newsletter of "Duiken" dive magazine

 2014: Donating marine pictures to the Humane Society / Manta Trust proposal to list mobula rays on CMS (Convention on the conservation of migratory species) appendices in November 2014.

Proposal to list mobula rays on CMS appendices.

2014: Drafting and publishing an update article on the Warrelniet-Mailles Fatales campaign on behalf of Sea Shepherd Belgium, Natuurpunt, Sea First Belgium and BlueShark. 

Article published on

 2014:  Drafting and publishing an article to oppose the distribution of free tickets for Boudewijn Seapark dolphnarium by Flemish P-magazine, on behalf of Sea Shepherd Belgium, Bite Back, Dauphins Libres and BlueShark Conservation.

Article published on

2014: Writing 30 minute shark talk for kids approx. 12 years old with powerpoint presentation, video clips and a Shark Quiz, for DiveWise Training and Education Centre, Antwerp, Belgium.

DiveWise Training and Education Centre website

 2014Writing articles, press releases and application letters for permits to conduct activities, as the Communication / Public Relations Manager of Sea Shepherd Belgium.

Example article

Example press release

 2014: Cooperating with NGO’s Natuurpunt, Sea Shepherd Belgium and Sea First Belgium in a campaign to establish a nation wide ban on the recreational use of gill nets on Belgian shores.

BlueShark services included among other things: Designing and implementing a campaign strategy. Attracting NGO Natuurpunt (largest nature organisation in Flanders) to take part in the campaign. Designing, organising and preparing a beach event to launch the campaign (with information booths, a Kids Club, a sand sculptures contest with prices, a maze contest with a Belgian VIP and a music preformance by a Belgian band). Designing a 50x30 metre maze with poles and rope and constructing it on the beach. Finding sponsors for the funding of the event. Announcing and promoting the beach event and campaign in the media. Conducting research on the issue and writing an extensive motivation for the campaign. Also writing all other texts of the campaign website including the updates in the news section. Contacting NGO's and governmental organizations, requesting permission to use their pictures for the campaign. Creating the online and .pdf campaign petitions. Creating e- and printed postcards for supporters to send to the mayors of coastal municipalies which allow gill nets on their beaches.

Campaign website

English version online petition (main petition lists were in Flemish and French)

Video clip with impression of the beach event

Article written for gill nets campaign, published in Dutch online magazine “PiepVandaag” and copied into several other websites like “Zeezoogdierennieuws

Article written for gill nets campaign, published in Belgian "Hippocampus" diving magazine.

2014: Drafting and sending a letter to the Flemish Government on behalf of BlueShark Conservation and Sea First Belgium, opposing their decision to shelve two separate cases of illegal basking shark (parts) retention. Both times the boat crew was (partially) the same.
In the first case the crew aimed to land a basking shark in the harbour of Zeebrugge. Two years later, during a routine check, two sliced off basking shark fins were found hidden in the ships freezer. Both cases were shelved.

Letter PDF

2014: Donating marine pictures to Project Aware, for use during their ocean and shark conservation campaigns.





 2013: Supporting campaigns from likeminded organisations. For example:

* PEW:  overfishing

* Alex Hofford campaign to ban shark fin transports on planes: examples: Thai Airlines, Cebu Pacific

2013: Grand scale distribution of a manta ray survey on request of NGO Shark Savers, for Manta Ray of Hope, Manta Trust, the Indonesian Manta Project and Blue Sphere Media campaign to establish nationwide legal protection for manta rays in Indonesia. 
Reference: Mary O’Malley (Shark Savers / Wild Aid / Manta Trust).

Press Release manta rays protected in Indonesia

PLOS One Paper which was written using conclusions of the survey

2013: Publication of a 9-page+cover article on the conservation of sharks of the Azore Islands and the Atlantic Ocean in the Dutch diving magazine “Duiken”.

Article published in the Dutch "Duiken" dive magazine

 2013: Cooperating with NGO's WWF Belgium and Natuurpunt, to draft a press release opposing the Flemish Fisheries Marketing Centre (VLAM)'s active publicity to buy and consume spiny dogfish/spurdog. 


 2013: Supporting campaigns of likeminded organisations. For example:

Shark Defenders:  CITES protection for endangered shark species

Project Aware: CITES protection for endangered shark species

 2011-2013: Initiating, coordinating and executing a nationwide shark awareness campaign “The Shark Project” for Belgian NGO Sea First, including a year-long contest for secondary school students, a press conference, a prize ceremony, a guided field trip to encounter marine life in Florida for the grand prize winners and the production of a short documentary on ocean conservation. The documentary was distributed back to the secondary schools in Belgium to raise awareness among the students through the experience of their peers while they were in Florida and also as a plea for teachers to discuss the problems in our oceans in the classroom.

The Belgian National Lottery was convinced of the necessity of this project which was executed at the time of the EU legal proposal to ban shark finning in the EU and therefore funded the campaign with a grant.

Campaign Teaser

Campaign website (after the contest the website was taken offline, but it is currently being restored as a seperate part of this BlueShark website  (under construction).

Articles and Press Releases

Radio Interview on Flemisch National 
French National Radio

Pictures Press Presentation

Pictures Prize Ceremony

Pictures study trip conservation contest grand prize winners Set 1,  Set 2,  Set 3 

Pictures premiere of the Shark Project documentary "Sea and Learn"

Shark Project Documentary "Sea and Learn" Online

2012: Publication of an article in the Dutch online magazine “Piep Vandaag” on the decision of the West-Australian government to cull white sharks in the vicinity of popular beaches.


2012: Drafting a press release in cooperation with NGO’s WWF Belgium and Natuurpunt, urging the food sector to discourage the consumption of porbeagle meat in Belgium.

Article in food sector magazine (page 6)

2012: Drafting opinion article on the recreative catch of dogfish in the Dutch Oosterschelde for tagging purposes. Published in online version of the Dutch diving magazine "Duiken" and copied into several other websites.


 2012: Publication of three co-authored articles on Raja Ampat (conservation part) with Dos Winkel (Founder Belgian NGO Sea First) in the Diving Magazines “Duiken”, "Hippocampus"
 and "Onderwatersport"

Article Duiken magazine

Article Hippocampus magazine

Article Onderwatersport magazine

2011-now: Hosting shark conservation lessons and talks

Program World Ocean Day Belgium 2011

Pictures Sea First Ocean Week

Pictures Sea First World Ocean Day

Pictures shark conservation lessons in schools

2011: Publication of a 5-page article on the plight of sharks, shark finning, shark legislation and shark byproducts in the Belgian diving magazine “Hippocampus”.


2011: On behalf of the Belgian NGO Sea First and as a board member of this organisation, contacting and convincing restaurants to not sell shark meat in their restaurants:


2011: Rally support and lobby at the Belgian attaché of permanent representation to the EU, for NGO PEW’s Shark Alliance campaign during the EU legal proposal to close the loopholes in the EU finning legislation.

Pictures Shark Alliance yearly member meeting

Pictures launch EC proposal to close the loopholes in the EU Finning Ban 

Pictures handing over the European Shark Week photo book to the Belgian attaché of permanent representation to the EU

2010 and 2011: Organizing and executing the “European Shark Week Belgium” for NGO PEW’s Shark Alliance and as a board member of Belgian NGO Sea First.

Pictures European Shark Week 2011 second week

Pictures European Shark Week 2011 first week

Pictures European Shark Week 2010

2010: Initiating and executing a grand scale mailing, contacting NGO's, dive tourism companies and travel companies all over the world, to gather support for NGO Shark Savers' legal proposal to establish a shark sanctuary in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Mentioned in the Shark Savers press release

2010-2011: Co-founding, administering and initiating grassroots campaigns for Facebook page “The Global Shark Initiative” with 26.200 members. (Page was removed on request of co-founder in November 2011)

Article by Michelle Kirk Marks on GSI and involving top chef Gordon Ramsay in shark conservation.

Campaign featured on the Let Sharks Live Blog

2009-2010: Initiating, coordinating and connecting likeminded NGO’s and individuals for an online campaign against the sales of thresher shark cartilage as dog chew bones.

Mentioned in the iCNN-report

2003: Grand scale e-mailing for the “Save Ningaloo” movement and campaign, aiming to prevent the construction of a mega resort with a marina at an ecological extremely important and fragile area.

Mentioned on the Save Ningaloo website